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My Husband Left Me For Our Househelp After I Was Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer And Blood Cancer

A Carol, who is only 28 years old, has experienced great hardship as a result of her battles with blood cancer and cervical cancer. Her liver has been affected by cancer, the physicians recently informed her. Carol also lost 9 children, some of whom passed away while still in the womb. As if that weren't enough, her husband dumped her after their housekeeper abducted her two kids and abandoned her.

She claims to have been born and raised in Limuru, where her grandmother raised her when she was a young child. When she was old enough to start a family of her own, she got married at age 20 and soon after became pregnant with her first child.

After two years, she became pregnant again, but at seven months along with the pregnancy, her water broke. She had to have an emergency c-section, but the baby didn't make it. When she returned, her husband didn't give her enough time to recover, and a month later, she became pregnant again. She experienced complications at five months, went to the hospital, where a scan revealed that she was carrying triplets who had passed away in the womb.

She had a c-section, then returned home, claiming that she had been the victim of marital rape since her husband had not given her enough time to recover. The doctors who operated on her confirmed that she had a tumor on her cervix. It was determined she had cervical cancer when a test was performed.

She was taken to the hospital in Kenyatta, where she was receiving care. She was diagnosed with blood cancer and the cancer had begun spreading to her liver after two chemotherapy treatments. Carol claimed that the suffering she endures when she is by herself is intolerable because her husband dumped her for their housekeeper and kidnapped her children.

She now produces marts and sells them to acquire food but it is not enough because she utilizes a market of adult diapers and pain relievers, which was recommended to her by one of the doctors who helps patients with chronic diseases like cancer. She is now requesting assistance from her well-wishers.

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