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Sodom Apple: Mysterious Health Benefits

Get relief from body pains and inflammation with this magical tropical herbal herb. You are all familiar with sodom apple, yes it is also known by different names like aak, apple of Sodom, kapok tree, rubber bush or rubber tree.

This tropical herbal herb provide immense health benefits and has been used from ancient times. It is also considered very holy and offered to lord Shiva and lord sun during Pooja (India culture).

My grandmother used to tell me that instead of pain relieving spray and balm, they used this herb. Here is the procedure of extracting medicine from it;

1. In a heated pan add mustard oil and then add Curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, turmeric and garlic.

2. Let the oil heat for sometime

3. On the smooth side of the Sodom leaf, apply this oil and the place on the body part where it is paining and tie it nicely.

4. Doing this before sleeping will surely provide relief from pain and swelling.

I have also seen people drinking sodom apple flowers boiled water, to get relieve from asthma but have not seen any scientific research behind it. Do try this sodom apple next time you feel any body pains.

Thanks for reading this article, also tell me what do you call sodom apple in your language? Comment and share.

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Shiva Sodom


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