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5 Reasons Why Australian Men Live the Longest Life in the World

According to study, Australian men live longer that any other guys in continents like Asia, Europe, and North America. Most of these Australian men have an average life expectancy of about 74 years.

On the other hand, American men live an average life expectancy of up to 71 years. These are some of the reasons why the Australian men live the longest.

It is a stable nation

In Australia, most of things are good, thus they promote good health. During the world wars, it is stated that there was no major fights on Australian land. This really improved their living standards in terms of health and life expectancy.

Stress free lifestyle

Most of the Australian live near the beach. The good climate from the beach makes them stay a less stressful life. Locals in this nation always goes for jogging near the ocean, bike, surf, and others do beach yoga.

You will be surprised to see people in their 70s riding mountain bikes or hiking. Remember the nation offers universal healthcare to its citizens. There is also high standards of living.

Healthy cuisine

The Australian cuisine comprises of fresh seafood and fresh farm products. This makes them have the most healthy and balanced diet in the world.

The Australian restaurants have a healthy conscious meals. Most of them are found all over world. These are some of the meals they offer; avocado toasts and veggie bowls for breakfast.

Australians are crazy about sports

Australia is a nation that has a relatively small population. However, it is a sports crazy nation. The sports activities makes people actively go out for exercise.

The ocean weather makes them have a good sports venue. They participate in rugby, cricket, surfing, and football. Most of the Australians admit that sports is actively in their blood.

Innate toughness

Australian guys attitudes is actually in their innate toughness. Most of them have a close living relationship with wild nature. This contributes to their long living life.

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