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"Our Daughter Will Die If She is Not Treated Immediately, We Have No Hope" Parents Emotionally Plead

Woman by the name Teresa has pleaded with well wishers to help her raise money for her daughter's treatment who is supposed to be operated immediately.

Teresa claims her daughter was born with an extra big head which was supposed to be operated at birth and since she had no money, her daughter has not yet received any treatment.

She claims the doctors noticed her daughter's problem before she was born and they could not do anything at that time since Teresa was almost giving birth.

She has been in and out of hospitals where she told by the doctors that her daughter needs to be operated and she has to travel abroad since no doctor in the country can conduct such an operation.

Teresa and her husband are depending on well wishers to help them get their daughter treated since they are slowly loosing hope and they claim their daughter will die if she is not operated immediately.

People have been donating for her but the money is not yet enough and this is the last hope they have since their daughter's head is growing big each and every day.

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