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7 benefits of burning a bay leaf at home

Have you ever heard of burning bay leaves without knowing its benefits? Here we explain the benefits of burning bay leaves in your home, kitchen or office.

From caring for health to attracting money and abundance, let's see some of the burning powers bay leaves have at home.

Why burn a bay leaf at home? 

Laurel is a plant that is used as a spice in the kitchen to flavor dishes, but it is also used as a natural remedy for the treatment of different ailments due to its medicinal properties known since ancient times.

1. Reduce anxiety 

Burning bay leaves helps reduce anxiety. Linalool, present in this plant, is a substance of natural origin, being a phytonutrient. As a result, smoke also improves the quality of sleep.

2. Relieve headaches 

Cineole, elemycin and pinene help relieve headaches and migraines. Also, bay leaves are useful for cases of fatigue, as they provide that extra energy after a headache attack. Eugenol is excellent for pain relief, also having an action against viruses and bacteria.

3. Clean the respiratory system 

Bay laurel is excellent for the lungs due to the presence of myrcene and eugenol. It is a fantastic natural medicine that helps clear the airways through the smoke of bay leaves.

This has a strong anti-inflammatory action, which helps to treat the upper respiratory tract faster, as it penetrates directly through it. It also contains pinene, which has a bronchodilator and expectorant action, helping to improve flu, respiratory allergies, bronchitis and colds.

4. Fight bacteria 

Geraniol, also found in the bay leaf herb, is an excellent antibiotic that fights (in tea form) bacteria such as E. Coli, 3 types of staph, and candida albicanis.

At the level of the respiratory tract, it acts against streptococcus pneumoniae, streptococcus pyogenes and streptococcus aureus, even when smoking, being interesting for treating respiratory problems.

5. Improve brain abilities 

Pinene, expelled from the leaves during the burning process, helps alleviate various issues such as anxiety, as mentioned, paranoia and short-term memory loss, improving cognition.

This happens due to the action of pinene in the body, which acts as a protector of neurons, improving concentration, memory and alertness.

6. Attract money, abundance and love 

Burning laurel to attract good luck is a ritual practiced since ancient Greece.

Today we also use it to attract wealth and love. Also, if we plant a laurel tree near our house, it will protect us from bad energies and diseases.

7. Attract luck and protection and ward off negative energies 

Laurel is a plant of protection and purification par excellence. It is worn as an amulet to ward off negativity and evil.

The bay leaf is also burned or sprinkled during exorcism rituals, placed in window openings to protect against lightning, and hung up to prevent ghosts from doing hanging tricks in the house.

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