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Improvement of Healthcare Workforce

As we all know health system can only function expectedly with health workers; improving health services coverage and also realizing the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standards af health is very much dependent on their availability, accessibility, acceptability and most important their quality.

Over the past years, health workers have had rampant strikes demanding for their rights adequate insurance, better wages, promotions and adequate equipment to assist them in there daily activities carried out. It is therefore learned that for a country to have proper functioning facility, healthcare system and issues affecting the health workers need to be readily addresses.

Addressing and providing of the improvement of the healthcare work force, the Nairobi Metropolitan Service also know as NMS decided to spend out 3billion shillings to enable the solution of the workers. The money was dispatched to the following categories; 700 million shillings on health cover, 600 million on the promotion of the hospital program, while lastly 1.7 billion on the employment of new staff. Hence increasing their workforce by 33 percent.

The ability to increase their percentage was to enable them be able to access service just like any other patients in place of help. As the say goes do unto others what you expect them to do unto you, "the best care you can give to healthcare workers who serve millions of resident, is to make sure that they can access the same service via the NHIF cover when they need them," said by Dr Ouna Oluga

Improving healthcare: Nairobi Metropolitan Service boss Mohamed Badi during the four of Vintz Plastic, a private firm in Nyayo Estate involved in waste reduction and management

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