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"I Am Very Sick, I Can't Walk, Am Required To Find Money For MRI Scan In Order To Get Treatment" Ann Narrates

Ann waa 16 when she started having very severe headaches. At first the mum thought that she was just faking it and she forced ann to go back to school.

One evening when she was coming from school she felt very weak. She couldn't walk and had to get a bike to take her home. When she was taken to hospital, she was misdiagnosed and given different medicine that made her condition worse.

She lost consciousness for 1 month 2 weeks only to wake and fund out that she was paralyzed. When she came out of hospital, she was supposed to go through therapy but she couldn't due to lack of finances.

She went back to school, by the help of crutches until she finished her form four.

In 2019, she felt weaker and her legs became so heavy that she couldn't walk. She fell on one leg and it was broken.

From there it has been a series of headaches, legs and spinal cord problem.

When she went to the hospital last month, her mum had to ask for help. When she went to kijabe Hospital, she was told that she was having a second attack and she couldn't be treated without an MRI Scan.

The MRI costs 36,000 for the spine and and brain.

Ann is asking for help. She needs alot if money in this journey of recovery. Anyone in a position to help can reach ann and help wherever, and However they can.

Follow this link.

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Ann Ann Narrates


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