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Early Signs of Prostrate Cancer in Men

Prostrate cancer is one of the most scariest and common diseases found in men and it is good to understand the signs and risks associated with it.

Prostrate is a tiny gland in a man's reproductive system which is important for producing fluids that brings about semen. There are different symptoms of prostrate cancer in men and it can be accompanied by different urinary symptoms mostly during early ages.

Below are some of the early signs of prostate cancer:

• Erectile dysfunction

• Difficulty to control urine

• Blood in the semen

• Frequent urination during the night.

• Lose urinary bladder

• Pain during ejaculation

• Pain during urination

• Swelling on the pelvic area

• Pain on the bones

• Pain on the hips and legs

• Blood in the urine

• Daily Fatigue

• Difficulty in breathing

Patients are advised to seek medical attention immediately they notice the above signs and confirm treatment procedures.

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