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Panic as teens record the highest number of HIV infections in Kenya this year.

Young girls are the most affected.

National AIDs Control Council [NACC] released a statement prior to world aids day, this year alone the number of HIV aids infections is 21,404 for school going teens meaning 5 teenagers are infected with HIV and AIDs every hour. NACC in a statement said that the total number of infections is 41728. More than 500,000 thousand of the infected are not going through antiretroviral therapy which is more than 20%. The overall infection is 1.5 million alone this year. This is a sign of an entire sick generation in the coming future.

Research shows that Covvid-19 has played a major role in these tribulations. children being away from school and idling at home leads to such acts. early pregnancies have also raised significantly. Young teens are not aware of protection measures hence being the most vulnerable age set.

Kenyans are participating in the Beyond Zero campaign to end this HIV AIDs new infection, they are also fighting against child defilement and other evil acts done to young teens and children.

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