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Why Kenyans Still Fear HIV/AIDs More than Any Other Disease

Corona Virus is currently the most deadly virus that the world has had to counter in this century. The world has fast adapted to health guidelines in a bid to end this virus, and doubtlessly the efforts have brought forth fruits. The number of cases has significantly reduced, all around the globe. Kenya specifically has seen a recommendable reduction in the spread of the virus. However there is still one giant virus that the world could have to fight for years. That is HIV and AIDs.

New diseases have been discovered and reported, they have killed millions and vanished just like they came. But despite the first case being reported in 1981, there has not been any working cure or vaccine for HIV/AID However, this is not even the main reason why people fear HIV more than any other disease or virus, because the government in collaboration with WHO and at some point USAID made ARVs free in all hospitals. Initially AIDs killed many because they had no idea what was eating them up, but after all AIDs health services had been made free and affordable, several patients found new hope.

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So what is the main problem with AIDs. Living with HIV/AIDs is not a ticket to a shorter lifespan. As long as you can adhere to health guidelines and take your medications, you can live longer than you yourself, the society or even the doctors had predicted. The problem however arises in accepting the condition. Accepting the fact that you have been infected and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. Acceptance may be affected by many reasons such as fear for judgement and stigmatisation. And this is the main reason why many Kenyans still fear HIV more than any other disease. The fact that they'll have to live with it and at times be stigmatised by even their closest friends.

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This article is just to remind us that if we really love our friends and families who live with HIV/AIDs let's not stigmatise them. Let's make it easier for them to accept their conditions and lead normal lives while also encouraging them to strictly adhere to their medical requirements. HIV/AIDs is not the deadliest of all virus, but it is the most feared because of societal stereotypes. Please spread this word widely. Thank you

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