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Are You Feeling Nausea And Experiencing Lower Back Pains? Watch For These Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Kidneys are Bean like shaped organs in your body which play a vital role in filtering waste products out of your blood. Kidneys also regulate water balance in your body and help get rid of excess electrolytes and minerals in form of urine.

Kidney disease are conditions which impair the function of the kidneys. Most kidney disease conditions are caused by other predisposed factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Kidney disease begins slowly and it slowly moves from one stage to another over the years. However the good thing is that the following symptoms can be a warning sign for One to go and visit her health Practitioner for further tests.

1. Lower back pains

2. Feeling of Nausea and Loss Of Appetite

3. Passing out small amounts of Urine even though you are taking lots of fluids.

4. Extreme Fatigue and tiredness

5. Swollen Feet due to fluid retention.

6. Dry and Skin that looks scaly.

7. Puffiness around your eyes when you wake up in the morning

8. Difficulty in finding sleep.

9. Sudden rise of potassium levels in the blood.

10. Changes in colour of Urine to Coffee like Urine

11 pain or feeling pressure around your chest

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