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The Following Habits Must Be Stopped They Cause Stomach Cancer

Did you know that the stomach is located below your ribs. What it does is receive any food you take and break it down then later digest it.

So stomach cancer is any abnormal growth which starts to grow inside it.

In this article I will tell your some habits you didn't know can cause this abnormal growth.

1.If you have the habit of taking foods with a diet high in salty and smoked foods

2.Taking too much liqour which increases the chances of growth of cancer

3.If you smoke, smoking is harmful to your health and this is one way it can damage you.

4.Being obese it's good to eat healthy in oder to avoid health issues

5.Lack of eating fruits and vegetables

6.Use of too much spice in your food ,I recommend use of natural and plant based spice

Treatment vary ,usually includes surgery to remove the stomach cancer. Other treatments may be recommended before and after surgery.

Content created and supplied by: Trizahkatile (via Opera News )


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