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A man Reveals the Secret to Battling HIV/AIDS for 36 Years

A man by the name Joe Muriuki is a man who has been battling HIV/AIDS since 1989 and he has revealed that the secret to living this far is all about positive attitude towards life.He also continued by saying,since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out,he knew he had to take extra caution to avoid contracting the virus since his immunity is already compromised.The lecturer is a newly diagnosed cancer patient and reveals he came to know about it when he felt pain in his throat.After being patient for one month and the pain could not subside,he seeked medical help where he was diagnosed of esophageal cancer.He reports the cancer treatment is expensive and says every chemotherapy session costs upto Ksh 10,000 each week.The lecturer says he has to chew food that it can become watery which he can swallow because particle food will easily make him vomit what he has swallowed.

Source(Tuko news)

The lecturer persuades Kenyans to stay positive in life no matter what happens around you which will make you go far and do things that other people with bleak perspective in life can't.

Content created and supplied by: Ianittomulerai (via Opera News )

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