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Majestic Walk. Doreen Flaunts Latest Pics Walking With Lions.

Doreen Moraa is one of the top influencers online who is a lso a top content Creator. Doreen is a top HIV activist who loves to train people about HIV AIDs, how it is spread and how one can keep safe from the virus. Doreen also loves to educate people online on the importance of adhering to their ARV treatment drugs in order to slow down the progression of HIV to AIDS. Doreen has lived with the virus since her mother passed it on to her during birth. Doreen only came to learn about it when she was eight years because of constantly getting opportunistic infections. Doreen said that though doctors had given her limited time to live, she has made it to thirty years.

Doreen says the secret to living long with HIV is being faithful to your HIV antiviral drugs and to accept you are positive and you start living unapologetically.

Talking about living unapologetically, Doreen has decided to treat herself with a holiday to Zimbabwe and she has Flaunted some of the memories she is creating. Doreen has Flaunted pictures walking with the lions and below are some of the beautiful photos she has posted

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Doreen Doreen Moraa HIV Majestic Walk Zimbabwe


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