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2 pandemics that almost brought the whole world to its knees

the two most dangerous pandemic, that almost brought the whole world down.

Flu pandemic

The pandemic was officially announced in July 13 1965.The pandemic was also known as"Hong Kong flu",the flu was coused by H3W2,the disease spread rapidly, just in a month, the pandemic had affected,phillpins,India,Australia and United state of America.more than 1 million people died because of the pandemic.

Covid 19(Corona virus)

The pandemic was officially announced by WHO in December 2019 at Wohan China.the disease spread rapidly in Asia.many countries underwent lockdown to reduce the infection, the most affected countries was Italy,Spain, Britain and united state of America. In less than five months the disease had spread the whole world, more than 2000 people were estimated to die daily,the public was advised to wear face masks, keep distance from one person to another, sanitising and staying at home.the pandemic is interpreted as one of the worse pandemic in the history.

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