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7 Tips From A Personal Trainer Who Lost 70 Kg

Joe Bernstein used to weigh 154 kg when he was 25 years and the diet dint work. He then let some simple habits into his life that finally led to positive changes in his appearance and his feelings about himself. Now Joe works as a personal trainer, helping people make better choices for a healthier lifestyle

This is how he looked before and you can see the amazing results he was able to achieve with simple habits.

Avoid drinking calories

It is better to avoid drinking soda, juice and sweet tea even if it’s the only habit you got, it can help lose 22 kg in three months.

Forget about ready-made business lunches

The fast made food from restaurants are not that healthy to your bod, you should prefer taking a nice lunch box filled with healthy homemade food to work.

Spend less time on the road

Using a bicycle will actually help you save several hours of your time while at the same time preserving your nerves. The spare time you can get can be spent on healthy cooking and workouts.

Learning to cook delicious meals

This can be easily done when you take your time to learn new recipes from the internet, cooking shows and classes with nice people will help you take the path of a chef.

Pay attention to the quality of meat

Increasing the number of vegetarian lunches and dinners you eat would be a great idea, meaning that more vegetable, fruits, nuts, seeds, crops and legumes. If you aren’t ready to avoid meat then pay attention to the quality and origin.

Leave the relationship that weighs you down

Joe also broke up with his wife, after that he had to build his new life and it was a completely new life, a healthy and conscious one. It is not necessary to behave as radically, each one of us has a relationship that has problem and it’s high time to end.

Try understanding the value of natural food

It is considered healthy and better choosing local and fresh products which can ‘revive’ your taste buds and cause the body to lose weight.

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