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Larry Madowo's Emotional Expose on Covid-19 Vaccine Hoarding That Has Attracted Numerous Reactions

Larry Madowo's Claims on the social media has attracted numerous attention online from kenyans who felt touched by Larry's expose. Larry Madowo, A CNN correspondent from Nairobi coming from western Kenya has laid out claims that most developed countries with covid 19 vaccines are refusing to share with us Africans.

In a featured article from Larry on CNN website, Larry has poured cold water on the efforts to stamp out covid 19 in African countries. In an emotionally attached article, Larry claims that he got his vaccine in a Us drugstore while his uncle had died of COVID-19 in Kenya due to lack of vaccines.

He further revealed that his grandmother is ailing and is because of delayed vaccination due to shortage of the latter in Kenya. Something he largely blamed on rich Western nations who are refusing to share with Africa the vaccines.

Several kenyans reacted to Larry Madowo's Emotional Expose saying Africa should atleast try being self reliant and not always feel entitled to other people's sweats and struggles. What is your view on this.

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