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Why People are not Allowed to Eat or Drink Anything Before Going to Surgery.

Surgery is a medical process where doctors and physician perform an operation to investigate or treat a condition that is hampering with the body function.

Surgeons in an operation theatre.

Surgery can be done to conduct a repair on the body tissue or to treat a pathological condition.

According to the surgeons, a patient is not supposed to drink or eat anything before going for surgery due to the following reasons:

The main reason is to prevent your stomach contents from getting into the lungs. It also prevents nausea.

This also explains why you are not supposed to drink anything before the surgery since a lot of water in the system can lead to pulmonary aspiration.

Pulmonary aspiration is the condition in which food, liquid or even the saliva is breathed into the airways.

However, after the surgery the person is supposed to eat well to quicken the healing process and the closure of the incision.

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