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Meet The 47-Year-Old Man Who Has A Condition That Makes His Bones Break Like Glass

Sibamona Aloys is a 47-year-old man who was born with mental illness and managed to handle the disorder while growing up until another group of inherited disorders added to his problems. He was confirmed suffering from Osteogenesis imperfect, an inherited bone disorder that is sometimes present at birth. This disorder makes the patient have soft bones that break easily or the bones may not be formed normally and other problems.

Osteogenesis imperfecta is caused by defects in proteins called type 1 collagen which is essential to make bones strong and to build tendons, ligaments, teeth, and the whites of the eyes. This disease has affected Sibamona Aloys in a way that he is unable to work. It has made his head to be weak such that a fall can cause brain damage. He said that he has grown up with a lot of pain and sometimes the bones come out of his body. He takes medicine every day and fails to may make him go blind.

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Sibamona Aloys


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