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Coronavirus: Smoking Weed Is Causing Complications in Hospitals

In case you are smoking weed to relieve your stress during this coronavirus pandemic, medical experts are urging you to give it a second thought.

Smoking cannabis whether occasionally or regularly increases the risks associated with COVID-19 the highly infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 of the coronaviruses group.

Remember smoking marijuana causes bronchitis like inflammation which is no different from the inflammation caused as a result of cigarette smoking. Imagine having an airway inflammation and getting another infection on top of it. Won't that bring more complications even when being examined by doctors?

American Lung Association pulmonologist Dr. Mitchell Glass has said that smoking weed gives doctors a very hard time when diagnosing the COVID-19 symptoms. He has advised everybody to quit smoking weed during this pandemic to facilitate the doctors' ability to make a fast and accurate evaluation of what is actually happening on the ground. It does not matter whether one has used it for a long time or has just started using it, what is important is that it should stop.

Continuous use of marijuana damages your lungs within a short time that you cannot imagine. Its consequences lead to lung obstruction which is very similar to chronic bronchitis.

People with preexisting lung diseases, smokers and those that are asthmatic are among the most vulnerable to the current spread of COVID-19. They risk spending a lot of days on ventilators for survival and if not lucky enough they end up dead.

The fact that weed is completely dried and just rolled in a paper makes it burn at a lower temperature compared to cigarettes. Due to this, one inhales a significant amount of unburnt plant material. This causes allergic responses which irritate the lungs and make the use of weed adversely problematic.

Early signs of this lung irritation may include a dry cough. And since a dry cough is a key symptom of COVID-19, doctors get confused about what the cough can actually be attributed to.

Marijuana does not only calm your body system but it also alters your ability to function normally. This, as you may speculate, is not good for you during a medical emergency like the infectious COVID-19 because it affects your thinking and how you respond to situations.

With your condition, doctors will not make the right decisions whether to release you from the hospital or place you on ventilators because they find it easy to work with patients who despite their condition, can still make informed consent. Remember smoking weed introduces your body to early fighting of unwanted particles before even finding it necessary like during this COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the United Nations, more than 150 million people use marijuana across the world, which is more than 3% of the world population. Cross to a quarter of these, are people with cannabis use disorders, which means it has developed to the level where it is now a problem in their lives.

Since it also attacks the lungs, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 could be a serious threat to both marijuana and tobacco smokers. Therefore, users should take extra precautions by either reducing the usage or withdrawing completely from it. If you are not a regular smoker of weed don't even start. Don't give medical practitioners a hard time determining whether your dry cough is due to your smoking habit or it is a symptom of COVID-19. If you find yourself in a medical facility be very honest with caregivers about the last time and how frequently you have used it.

This can be a good time to start the withdrawal treatment journey given that almost everyone is at home to help you through it.

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