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Negative Side Effects Of Cervical Cancer Disease That You Should Be Aware Of.

Here is the complications caused by cervical cancer disease to your body.

Firstly, on of the complication is fistula which is a condition causing some sort of abnormal connection between two organs or vessels of your body.It affects the genital and urinary tracts due to prolonged or obstructed childbirth, pelvic surgery injury, infection somen it normally occurs between the bladder/rectum and vagina.

Secondly, Kidney Failure: It blocks the smooth flow of urine out of your kidneys hence urine builds up inside the kidneys hence becoming swollen causing it no to function well.

Thirdly ,Pain: Cervical cancer in both the early and advanced stages may cause pain in your body which spreads in your nerves,bones and muscles hence severe pain. Doctors normally recommends some painkillers to relieve you from pain.

Fourthly, persistent Bleeding due to the damage caused to your front passage, rectum, bowel and bladder.blood passes out when urine and your stool.

Lastly, Vaginal discharge that is normally with unpleasant smell. It occurs because tissues have been broken down and the leakage of bladder and other bacterial diseases.

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Cervical Kidney Failure


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