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9 Best Sentences to Upgrade Your Brain and Unlock Your Exceptional Life.

1. Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.

2. Our most precious gift is our brain. It is what allows us to learn, love, think, create, and even to experience joy. It is the gateway to our emotions, to our capacity for deeply experiencing life, to our ability to have lasting intimacy.

3. If our mindset is not aligned with our desires or goals, we will never achieve them.

4. Give a person an idea, and you enrich their day. Teach a person how to learn, and they can enrich their entire life.

5. Being limitless is not about being perfect. It’s about progressing beyond what you currently believe is possible.

6. Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we must be accountable for who we become.

7. Your time is one of your greatest assets. It’s the one thing you can’t get back.

8. Mistakes don’t mean failure. Mistakes are a sign that you are trying something new.

9. Knowing how to change your habits means knowing how to confidently own and manage your days, focus on the behaviors that have the highest impact, and reverse-engineer the life you want.

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