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Secret Behind Every Massage

Massage has been one of the effective ways to reduce pain or stiffness in joints and muscles and also to relax them.

But there's more to just the massage. Every part of the body when massaged relieves a specific muscle in the body. Most important are the hands and feet.

In case of difficulty in breathing for the asthmatic, massaging at the back of your feet just below the toes does aid in breathing.

In case you have a cold, massage the back of the big toe to get rid of sinuses.

If you have a headache, specifically a migraine, massage the tips of each finger.

To relieve stiffness in joints, massage the back middle side of your foot.

For difficulty in sleeping, massage the start of the little finger, almost at the palm. This promotes relaxation and induces sleep.

For the ladies, when cramping massage the back of your feet just above the heel. This relaxes the uterus and reduces the pain during menstruation.

For depression, massage the top of each toe to promote serotonin, the happiness hormone.

In case of nausea, massage at the back of the feet right below the second toe. This point subsides the symptoms of nausea.

These are just but a few methods which have been proved to work. Instead of going to the masseuse you can do this at the comfort of your home.

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Secret Behind Every Massage


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