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Trying This Method Will Help Keep Your Bones Strong During Old Age

Osteoporosis, commonly known as brittle bone disease, is a thinning of the bone substance that occurs as a person ages. Women are affected more frequently and early than males. One in every five postmenopausal women will have gradual bone weakening due to a lack of calcium and protein. The thinning and flattening of the spine's vertebral disks, as well as its increasing curvature and loss of height, have all been related to this ailment in the past.

'Dowager's hump' refers to this ailment. Getting enough exercise and taking calcium and vitamin D supplements are also important in preventing osteoporosis. Before and after menopause, women in particular should do this. Osteoporosis care is beneficial since it can help avoid Arthritis and other illnesses. Hormone replacement therapy is the most effective treatment for menopausal osteoporosis, as it restores calcium balance and can prevent skeletal weakening, however it will not return the skeleton to its pre-menopausal state.

Female hormone therapy reduces the frequency of fractures women sustain when they fall and prevents future height loss owing to spinal bone softening and flattening. High calcium intake and moderate vitamin D levels are also required.

Loss of periods is the most common indicator of osteoporosis, and it indicates that something is wrong, either because you are not eating enough or because you are underweight. It's possible that your diet isn't adequately replenishing the energy cost of exercise. Girls should see a doctor if their periods don't start till they're sixteen. If your periods cease for more than three months as an adult, you should consult a doctor, unless you're pregnant. Dieting and being underweight, which may go hand in side with vigorous exercise, are the most common causes of amenorrhoea in non-pregnant girls and women.

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