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9 Practices That can make a man fit in bed

All men should practice these if you need to be fit in bed and avoid unnecessary chaos among spouses

Losing weight — holding extra body fat in the pubic region makes Big Al look small. Lose body fat to make Big Al look bigger. Exercise and eat less, gentlemen. Check out my pickle demonstration.

Manscaping — a big monster bush makes Big Al look itty bitty. Remove the big bush to let the tiger out of the jungle.

Using it — research has concluded that the more you use it, the more you invite blood to come rushing, which improves the size, strength, firmness, and thickness. The blood vessels get stretched out, allowing more blood.

Wearing the correct underwear — standard underwear will have you stinky, sweaty, and looking small. Sperm count can also be affected because temperature regulation is hindered. You need underwear with separation, like Sheath underwear with pouches for the twins and a hole for Big Al. Visit Sheath + use code ALPHAM for 20% off!

Quitting smoking — nicotine is a vaso-constrictor, which shrinks and squeezes the blood vessels. A 2011 study had smokers quit for 8-weeks and made them watch porn. The hardness, thickness, and size were measured throughout the study, and as the weeks progressed, Big Al got bigger, harder, and stronger.

Drinking the right things — this includes, coffee (caffeine) has been scientifically proven to increase Big Al’s firmness, hardness, thickness, and bigness.

Exercising — Harvard’s research study found that men who participated in 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily had a 50% reduction of erectile issues. Use it or lose it.

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