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Even With Protection, This is how you can Easily Contract HIV, Please be Careful

HIV is virus that up to date has no cure, that the reason why every person should be cautious and avoid it in any way possible. Everyone can be save from this virus if he or she is cautious and careful as well. At any time it is always wise to make sure you go for a HIV test before getting into any relationship. If that can't be possible, then you need to make sure that you use a protection that will keep you safe.Remember that if you get infected with this virus, you may end up taking the ARVs for almost all your life to have a normal life. ARVs never cures this virus but gives the body some immunity for one to live healthy life.

Even when you are using protection, there are several things you need to note and start being careful.If any open wound comes into contact with the the sexual fluids then you will end up being Infected.

Your hand has so many open wounds that cannot be seen with naked eyes. Mostly on your fingers sometimes you are left with small wounds mostly after washing clothes or cutting your nails. You can confirm this by lending your hands on methylated sprit. If you feel some pain it means that you have open wounds that are not save for you. This is the reason why doctors used hand groves before handling any specimen.

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