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Here Are 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Amaranth (Terere)

Good For Bone Health

As we grow old, the body's bones tend to weaken. Eating foods that are rich in calcium is highly vital as it helps in keeping your bones strong and healthy and preventing them from bone-related diseases. Apart from drinking milk, which is a rich source of calcium, eating amaranth leaves is another amazing way to obtain calcium.

Good Heart Health

Heart diseases are very common nowadays and it is becoming a worrying trend. A good lifestyle is one major way to reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Amaranth is vital as it lowers bad cholesterol and also has vitamin K which is known to be great for good heart health.

Good Eye Health

Not everyone likes the slimy nature of amaranth but for the goodness of your health, sometimes you just have to focus on the positive side of eating amaranth. Terere contains lutein which aids with better vision and prevents macular and degeneration diseases.

Healthy Hair

Amaranth is good for hair health.This is because it strengthens your strands.To benefit from amaranth, extract juice from amaranth leaves and apply it directly on your hair. Amaranth contains an amino acid known as lysine which works magic in strengthening and preventing hair loss.

Digestive Health

Amaranth contains high amounts of fiber which works in promoting smooth digestion and preventing gastrointestinal problems.

Good For Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman greatly benefit from eating amaranth leaves. Folate deficiency during pregnancy leads to major birth defects. Pregnant women must therefore consume foods that are rich in folate such as amaranth.

Great Source Of Protein

Amaranth grains are one of the richest sources of proteins. Eating amaranth grains as well is greatly beneficial. The grains are usually sold as flour in most supermarkets and you can use it to make chapatis, porridge etc.

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