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How Shameless Is The Gorvernment To Hold Donations Over Tax?

It is good to donate something when you are in a position to do it. Developed countries are fond of helping the disadvantaged and developing as well as underdeveloped countries. It is of good will and a good move by the way. The gesture is highly appreciated.

Since the world was hit by HIV/AIDS in late 80s, a good number of African countries especially Kenya has been enlisted on the wish list of the country that needed support. A number of foreign donations have really helped citizens. The HIV/AIDS pandemic is one of the diseases ailing the country for a long time. It is reported to have no cure at all therefore scientists came up with ARVs to help boost the immune system of the patient and prolong life.

In the country, according to statistics, Homabay county is the most hit by HIV/AIDS pandemic. Therefore stepping up to help them battle this disease out would be a good move. The USA has donated a shipment worth Ksh.1.1 billions to HIV/AIDS victims and patients in the country. The strange revelation that is hitting headlines is that the government is holding the donated shipment over ksh. 90 millions tax fee. How shameless is the government? The government is now looking at USA government to pay the tax so that the donations reach Kenyans.

How is this even possible in the first place? This is extortion. What do you think about the government?

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