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8 Simple Habits That Will Prolong Your Life

Humanity has been obsessed with trying to push the limits of it's own mortality. People have come up with life habits that can help prolong their lifespan. The following is a list of few habits that have been scientifically proved to prolong lifespan.

1. Start Enjoying Your Life- If you want to spend a couple of extra years on earth, you should have the time to enjoy all the small joys of life. In a research conducted on the correlation between life expectancy and positive mood, people with positive mindsets are 35% less likely to die in the next 5 years compared to those who usually experienced bad moods.

2. Don't change your doctors- Visiting the same doctor for a long time can actually prolong your life because this ensures that the doctor is well versed with your history.

3. Feed your gut the right food- Eating heavily processed food in every meal of the day makes our digestive systems soft and sensitive. Always include probiotics in your daily meals as they help in general body health.

4. Focus on your work- Focussing on meaningful activities and leading lives with a purpose can add more years to your life.

5. Housecleaning- One must exercise inorder to have a happy and healthy life. Cleaning your house regularly or vacuuming it more often can act as a moderate exercise.

6. Catch up on your sleep on weekends- Getting enough sleep is very crucial when it comes to maintaining good health. Scientists have found out that extending sleep on weekends can actually reduce the risk of early death.

7. Eat more nuts- Nuts are not only a rich source of good fat but also are good for health. People who eat nuts on daily basis are less likely to die from diseases such as cancer and respiratory diseases.

8. Make meditation of part of your routine- Meditation can also add some year in your lifetime. People who meditate experience a thirty percent increase in telomerase hormone which lowers the rate of aging.

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