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3 Simple Tricks To Get Your Brain to do more Work for You

Photo Robina Weermeijer from Unsplash

"I'm sooooo tired"....."I'll do it tomorrow"

We all have those days where we don't feel like doing anything at all. We just want to lay down and not get up. We don't want to stress ourselves anymore. You even tell yourself "Why should I bother?"

Well, forcing your brain to do hard task can be one hell of a problem because your brain is stubborn to listen to you.

This is why you should understand how to trick and convince your brain to do the things you want. Knowing this skill is very important to your life because you are going to sharpen your success.

If you have been fighting with your mind from time to time, then you are in luck. You are going know how to control your brain instead of it controlling you. Mastering this tricks may change or create a difference between you and your friends.

People will want know how you do the magic. But it's just these simple tricks. You may be wondering what makes successful people successful. These are the secrets:

Tip 1: The cost of inaction

What are the consequences of not taking action? By asking your mind the question— " what if I don't act now?" This question will instantly trigger it to act to your needs and wants.

Instead of having fights with your mind, you can also negotiate with it, or perhaps convince it take an action. You can also promise it the benefits of making a certain action.

By using this trick you can actually achieve a lot more than you can imagine. It's a secret that most successful people use to get their work done on time.

Photo by Per Loov from Unsplash

Tip 2: The cost of Indecision

Did you know that Indecision is also a decision. Let's say your friend asks you a question, "can we meet" this question is based on "yes" or "no" answer.

Saying yes is a decision, saying no is also a decision and staying silent and doing nothing about it is also a decision. Your friend assumes that your silence means a no. You don't want to meet him or her.

Being Indecisive in situations will completely destroy your life, this is what you find most people doing. But you can apply use the question; "what if I don't make the decision" this will convince your mind to regret the consequences of not making the decision.

Tip 3: Life is short

Remember that everyone is going to die someday, so if there are things you want to do,you better do it now because we have limited time in real life.

You have to live your best life. Take risks and live your best life. If you have troubles with your brain just keep it updated that life is short, therefore,it has to act now or make the decision right now.

Those are the simple tricks to keep you moving towards your success. If you find this article helpful don't forget to follow me and share.Comment below.

Content created and supplied by: TristramOuma (via Opera News )

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