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Home Remedies of Running Stomach

Once in a while, one experience discomfort in their stomach that is diarrhoea. Here, an individual affected usually visits the bathroom, in order to rid off waste products from their bodies more frequently than the normal time. When one have diarrhea, the stool becomes loose and watery.

There are different types of diarrhea depending on the level of infection. The most common one is the acute diarrhoea. This type does not last long, therefore one just have to observe high level of cleanliness and hygiene. There is also persistent one, this is the one which happens regularly. Diarrhea can leads to loss of water in the body, it should thus be treated as a serious issue.

According to health personnel the most vulnerable group involves, young children, the elderly people and those with chronic medical conditions. This is because, when such people loose a lot of water, it leads to other adverse complications in there bodies.

Signs and symptoms experience includes, having a bloating in the abdomen,strong and urgent need to rush to the bathroom,high fever,severe pain in the abdomen,vomiting and loss of weight due to the loss of water. One should also have a red flag when the stool contains some strange substances, for instance blood, pus, oily despite non fatty meals and a foul smell.

The recommended home remedy for diarrhea involves, drinking a lot of water, taking balance diet meals and avoiding fatty food as much as possible. Also caffeine beverages such as coffee and tea should be avoided when one has stomach upsets. There are some kinds of food also which gives one gas, for instance beans, cabbage, beer and carbonated drinks are not ideal when one is diarrhoea.

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