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"Minyoo" In Kids: Signs, How It Spreads And Natural Ways Of Treatment

Ascariasis is one of the most dangerous diseases especially among children due to the fact that it is difficult to diagnose and therefore has the potential to damage the body. This disease is caused by a type of worm known as Ascaris Lumbrocides. Research also shows that there are people whose genetic makeup increases their risk of contracting the disease. Many people, especially children, get sick after eating food infected with the worms' eggs. After the eggs hatch, the worms settle in the intestines and later in the respiratory system. After this they are swallowed again and implant in their intestines before germination and up to 30 centimeters.


Although symptoms of this condition are not readily apparent, these are some of the symptoms of this condition: Running, fever and stomach swelling. At this time it is easier for the patient to suffer from malnutrition due to the fact that these worms invade important nutrients in the body. It is for this reason that you are advised to seek medical advice regularly to find out how to prevent this condition.

How to prevent it

Do not give your child dirty food. This means that you must check the source of the food to see if it is clean.

• Do not give your child food that has fallen to the ground as you do not know the amount of dirt hidden in this area.

• Maintain good hygiene by washing your hands and also washing your baby with soap before eating.

• Make it a habit to take your child to the hospital for regular medical checkups and use medication according to the doctor's instructions.

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Ascariasis Ascaris In Kids


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