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Good News To The Police Officers, Teachers And Medical practitioners After The Following Announcement

Since the Onset of Covid-19 pandemic in the country, almost all the Government sectors were brought down.

One year since the virus was announced as a great threat and a pandemic in the whole world most of the sectors are still struggling to stabilize. However the virus still kills and spreads across the world and it's effect still felt deeply.

As people continue to sanitize and maintain the covid-19 protocols, the virus seems 'deaf' and the only thing it can hear is the introduction of the vaccine.

Fortunately, the goverment today through the cabinet secretary for health had announced that the Corona vaccine would arrive in the country by next week Tuesday. The goverment had entered into agreement with AstraZeneca to supply about 200 million doses of vaccine.

However, this drug that will be imported will only be administered to about 20% of the population. It should be noted that earlier on the goverment had announced that the vaccine will first be administered to Frontline workers. These include: medical practitioners, security officers, teachers and people with underlying conditions together with elder people above 58.

This is indeed good news to the police officers as they will now be vaccinated, and this will boost security on the country since these officers will now work without fear of contracting Coronavirus.

This will also leave teachers and medical practitioners vaccinated against Covid-19.

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