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Opinion: 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This Food For Its Health Effects To Your Body

Sausages are the type of food that most people love because of the sweetness and ease with which they can be prepared. They are popularly referred to smokies by their consumers. Its also alarming because the rate of consumption of this food is highly rising each day. Since sausage is processed meat, it has a range of drawbacks and diverse health conditions. Since most of the consumers do not know the effects of this meal, here are the reasons why you should avoid or reduce their consumption.

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1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is caused by sausages in combination with other factors. Research has shown that consuming a lot of sausages accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking cigarettes and eating junk foods reduces lung capacity. This leads to the above named medical condition.

2. Sausages with a high nitrate content also contain very active nitrogen species in the lungs. This additionally causes nitrative and nitrosamines which causes structural changes in the lungs. When sausages are exposed to high heat during frying or grilling, nitrosamines are created. This are the precursor elements which have been scientifically proven to cause stomach and bowel cancer.

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Additionally the high salt content of sausages allows a bacterium to develop. High consumption leads to more production of bacteria which in turn has been the major cause stomach ulcers.

3. Consumption of sausages causes the body's blood pressure to increase. The sodium content in sausages increases the risk of hypertension because sodium triggers blood vessel inflammation which contributes to high blood pressure.

Finally, for people who are salt sensitive, sausages can cause heart disease. They have high levels of salt because they are seasoned with salt to keep them fresh and to enhance their flavor. When salt-sensitive individuals consume salty sausages, they experience salt-sensitive hypertension and heart disease.

Its good for each and everyone to lead a normal and healthy lifestyle. Therefore avoid junk meals and always strive for a healthy meal each day. Keep fit and avoid illnesses that can be easily prevented. Share this article to help educate others.

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