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Surprising Causes of Sneezing You Didn't Know

Ever wondered why some people would wake up in the morning with a series of bouts of unexplained sneezes? Most of us have been brought up to think that we can only sneeze after inhaling dust particles or when experiencing a period of a passing flu. And we are right, but these are not the only causes! Here is a list of more weird causes you might not know:

1. Bright light

Scientists have long known that sudden exposure to light bright light from a powerful light source like sunlight or a light bulb causes Photic Sneeze Reflex, a sneezing phenomenon not exactly well understood but arises from sensitivity to light impulses in the cerebral cortex of the brain.

2. Eating till you are full

Some people’s sneezing is triggered when they have a filled stomach as a result of an allergic condition or an occasional body response especially once they consume hot spicy meals

3. When a single hair on the eyebrow is unplucked!

To some people, they respond to a stimulus on one of the 12 cranial nerves linked to the nose and sneeze when this is attempted.

Some other causes of sneezing include; sexual activity, experiencing cold, breathing in cold air, smelling perfumes and exercises among others.

We are all created differently by God and what may cause a discomfort or a sneeze in one individual may not necessarily cause the same reaction in another one, and vice versa. We should therefore always embrace each other’s diversity and realize that a person’s shortcoming is not in their power to choose but God has a reason for it.

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