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New Symptoms Emerging From The New UK Variant Corona Virus

The current third wave of the corona virus pandemic in the country has raised concerns especially after the emergence of the deadly UK variant virus. The virus is characterized by mild symptoms which eventually turn into extreme conditions.

However, the initial symptoms accompanied by its infection has shifted in nature. The ministry recorded that among the people infected with the new virus, many lacked normal symptoms such as fever, high body temperatures and general fatigue.

The main symptoms connected to the virus are mainly; steady rise in body temperature which might happen immediately or days after contracting the virus, pain in the joints especially the arms and legs, general fatigue as well as common flu Symptoms.

People have been urged to seek medical attention if such symptoms prevail to curb the spread of the virus. Also following the ministry of health protocols and guidelines towards fighting Corona virus such a wearing of masks and sanitizing will greatly help curb spread of the disease.

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