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3 Things We Don't know About our Body

The Human body is capable of during strange things that most of us don't know. Imagine a human spitting like a cobra. Doesn't that sound strange? Some body parts we own have no function, or we probably don't know of their existence.

1. Lacrimal point

This a hole found slightly below the lower lid of the human eye. Behind it is the lacrimal channel, which leads to the lacrimal sac.

The purpose of this point in the human eye is to correct tears that had no time falling down our checks. Through the lacrimal canal the liquid is drained into the nose and then everything is clear.

2. Spitting like a cobra

This may seem ridiculous, but it's the truth. Right below the tongue, humans posses a gland that can spit saliva, just like snake do.

Occasionally, when toughe moves forward, some people accidentally release a jet of saliva from their mouth. A condition known as gleeking.

It can be caused by strong salivary ducts or to swift movement of the tough.

3. Thymus

This is an organ in the adults human body that does totally nothing. It is located in the middle of the chest. For adults above 25 years old, the thymus has already retired.

This organ is however active in kid as it trains the immune system, so that works properly. It trains the cells how to recognize foreign materials, attack and destroy them.

This explains why kids fall sick often compared to adults. Their immune system is not fully trained.

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