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Reaction After A Lady Confesses That Her Ovaries Reappered After Drinking Pst Ezekiel's Miracle Wate

Reactions after a woman confesses that her ovaries reappeared after drinking pastor Ezekiel's miracle water.

During a service at pastor Ezekiel's Newlife church, a woman confessed that her ovaries reappeared after drinking pastor Exekiel's miracle water. She said that doctors had discovered that she had ovarian cancer and so her left ovaries were removed. They later said that the cancer had affected the other ovaries and so they were to be removed. Before going for surgery her mother visited her and gave her the miracle water.

She added that when she went for the surgery the doctor was surprised to find out that she was cancer free. She believed it was pastor Ezekiel's miracle water. Therefore her chances of conceiving a child were restored.

This confession was taken positively by people who came across it, while others took it negatively. Here are some of the people's reactions, Wangari's son said, that's a lie.

Do you think this woman was talking the truth? Do you think her ovaries were restored? Kindly let me know your views in the comment section and don't forget to follow my page. Thank you.

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