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Go For Cancer Screening Today If You Are Experiencing These 6 Signs And Symptoms

There are many diseases in the world. They can be caused by virus, bacteria or fungi. Some diseases are very dangerous to human life. Cancer have killed many people worldwide. There are many different types of cancer. There is lung cancer, prostate cancer ,breast cancer and cervical cancer. Cancer can be caused by different foods we eat or drink daily. Examples of these food include; processed foods, red meat, alcohol and smoking cigarettes.Excessive drinking of alcohol can cause liver cancer. If you must drink, make sure you take less amount per day. One glass of alcohol is not bad for you but if you exceed, you are risking your life. Most people are in hospital because of cancer and treatment is very expensive.

There are some Signs and symptoms which may indicate you are suffering cancer.


2. Presistant heartburn

3.Mouth or tongue sore that does not heal

4. Unexplained pain, high fever

5.Night sweats

6.Unexplained loss of weight.

Also remember these signs and symptoms can indicate other diseases. So the best way is through screening and medical check up.

Also you should eat alot of vegetables and fruits. These foods will protect you from other diseases. Vitamins are very important nutrients in our bodies. You can buy sukumawiki, cabbage, apples, carrots and include them in your diet.

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