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Skin Care

7 body parts you must clean every day to avoid body odour

The main reason we take a bath every day is to prevent body odor; as a result, we smell better and have healthier skin. Body odor and skin disease are the results of not taking regular baths. There are specific body parts you must wash while taking a bath, though.


Some people walk continuously throughout the day without giving their feet any thought. It's time to get comfortable and scrub your feet. This also applies to the areas between your toes and underneath your feet, both of which are incredibly odor-prone.

3. Butthole

If you are one of those persons who uses a tissue to wipe their butt after a dump, you should scrub your butthole after each bath since they can contain dried poop that needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

(3) Genitalia

You should actually cleanse your genitalia, regardless of gender. If you're a male, wash your penis and the area around your balls. If you're a female, use unscented soap to wash your vagina.

4. Underarms Hair in the underarms can stink. [istockphoto]

You should pay particular attention to your armpits; whether you are a man or a woman, you need to shave your armpit hairs. Your armpits' hairs collect dirt; you should shave and properly wash them with soap and a sponge.

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