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Six Undeniable Signs That Your Kidneys Are Crying Out For Help

Not many individuals are educated enough to know the symptoms of kidney diseases. However, through this article, I have compiled a list of symptoms that can reveal themselves when your bean shaped organs are crying out for help.

1) Change in amount and frequency of urination.

Increase or reduce in amount of urine you pass, change in urine colour, extreme urge to urinate yet fail to do so once in the washroom are warnings that something could be very wrong with your kidneys. Make notes of your daily visits to the washroom.

2) Pain while urinating.

This could mean you have developed a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Even though it is easily curable, it is best to catch it early because it has potential to spread to your precious kidney.

3) Blood in urine.

This is a direct symptom of a damaged kidney. Visit your doctor once you notice this symptom.

4) Foamy urine.

4) This clues you that your bladder is seriously damaged and needs to be attended to.

4) Swellings / oedema.

Kidneys play a big role in removing excess fluid in your body. When they no longer do that, these wastes build up on your body and will reveal themselves through swellings on the feet, ankle.

6) Ammonia breath.

Kidney failure increases concentration of Urea in blood. When this occurs, the urea is broken down into ammonia and the saliva that which causes urine like bad breath called "Ammonia breath"

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