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'Ni Kubaya' Indian Man Converts Three Wheeled Car Into A Small Ambulance

In the recent months the world is recording a spike in Covid-19 infections. According to Johns Hopkins University as of now 154,298,022 people have been confirmed infected by coronavirus. Out of the total number of case, deaths have surged to 3,229,325.

India is struggling to contain the spread of the virus. So far 20,282,833 cases have been recorded with fatalities reaching 222,408.

Nearly all hospitals are full with no beds available for more patients. At the same time medical supplies are now scarce.

This has led to people looking for other ways to save their beloved ones. According to Aljazeera one man has changed his three wheel vehicle into an ambulance with oxygen for free.

"People who are seriously ill can't be taken to hospitals without the oxygen support. This is the reason I turned this three wheeler into an ambulance even though it isn't spacious but it will save lives." Mohammed Javed Khan indicated to AFP news agency.

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