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Wonders as a 2-year-Old Baby Reportedly Performs Miracles

Every market has its mad man, Yunis Ogot, who is two years and three months old from Bukama village in Rorya district, Tanzania, emerged to be a talented baby. She is talented with the ability of treating and curing different types of diseases

According to one of the newspapers in the neighboring country, Yunis continues to attract more people from inside and outside the country everyday. She allegedly receives more than 100 people in a single day, Yunis emerges weeks after the death of Priest Ambilikile Mwasapile, who is commonly known as Babu wa Loliondo

It is reported that Yunis started treating people using water when she was two years old, she started her treatment with few believers from St. Karoli Rwanga Catholic church in Bukama

Yunis mother, Agnes Ogot, expounds that she carried her daughter's pregnancy for three years before her delivery, this is different from the expected duration of nine months.

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