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5 Medicinal Plants You Should Have In Your Home

1) Garlic 

Allium Savitum, popular known as Garlic helps keep away infections in the body. Research have shown garlic lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, prevents cognitive disorders as well as improve digestive health. Garlic is commonly used to garnish dishes and can be consumed raw.

2) Dhania

Petroselinum Crispum, popularly known as dania in Kenya contain high levels of antioxidants that support your immune system. Research has shown that dania fights bad breath as well as improve bone health.

3) Rosemary 

The scientific name for Rosemary is rosmarinus officinalis has been used to garnish dishes and brewing tea. This plant contain vitamins and minerals that improve the brain health, memory and blood circulation. 

4) Cayenne Pepper 

Capsicum annuum, locally known as green pepper is a spice that has been used to garnish dishes for a long time. Pepper contain capsaicin,a compound that detoxifies the body, relieves pain,and improves blood circulation.


Plectranthus barbatus, popularly known as Maigoya in Kikuyu can be used as a tissue paper. Scientists also reveal that barbatus cures digestive, respiratory, circulatory and other problems.

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