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Residents Urge Government To Provide For Them A Dispensary

Bungoma county government in conjuction with the national government has been asked to invest more resources in Primary health Care to boost universal health coverage.

Speaking to the press, Judith Doris a primary health champion from Kanduyi constituency, said that the issue of universal health to all (UHC) deserves to be prioritized since it is very important to the provision of health services to all at affordable cost.

She said that investing in the sector will help low-income residents get opportunity to access free medical services.

She reiterated that most of the residents, especially in the Khalaba ward, are still facing challenges in getting treatment considering that the ward does not have a dispensary while patients have to seek health services in the Bungoma referral hospital.

She claimed that due to the shortage of primary health facilities at the grassroot level still a challenge that cause patients to seek health services at the refferal facility causing the accumulation of the patients in the facility.

For example, Miss Dorice claimed that among the nine wards in the Kanduyi constituency, only Musikoma ward has a dispensary while the others do not.

Likewise, she said that many of the existing health facilities built in the grassroot do not have enough equipment.

Miss Dorice reiterated the government's need to ensure that universal health for all is strengthened especially at the grassroot level.

"We want the government to help the people get NHIF cards to help them access treatment without any problems," she said.

She added that every citizen has the fundermental right to access treatment,therefore she asked the government to put measures in order to ensure the existing dispensary are well equipped.

She also cited that some health facilities are grappling with the shortage of health workers thus urged the government to interven and address the situation for the betterment of health services in the area.

She regretted that due to the poverty , expectant mothers cannot afford the cost of health services and push them to seek the services of midwives in the villages,thus saying the move might risk the life of the expectant mothers because some of the midwives lack skills and proper equipment to attend to them.

She lauded the "Linda Mama" project, saying it has been beneficial for mothers who give birth in public health centers by getting health services free of charge,saying there is need to strengthen it.

She asked the government to set a side capitation that will help building a dispensary in Khalaba ward to combat the health challenges facing the residents to enable them to gain the opportunity to access free medical services instead of congesting at the refferal hospital.

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