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Health benefits of the Kiwano fruit

It is also known as the thorny melon or horny melon,jelly melon and has horn like spikes hence the name thorny melon or kiwano.When ripe the fruit has orange skin and lime green jelly like flesh and is closely related to the kiwi fruit, they contain important nutrients like the vitamin A,E,calcium,zinc.

Some health benefits of this fruit are:

*They are good for weight loss as they are full of water which makes you full without adding weight.

*They are rich in antioxidants which help in fighting or removing harmful free radicals from the body.

*It is high in fiber hence great for digestion helping prevent digestive problems like constipation,bloating,gastric ulcers and stomach cancers.

*They contain vitamin E,an important nutrients that supports the immune system and helps the cells regenerate.It is also good for the skin and heart.

*It contains vitamin C which is essential for boosting the immune system,it is also important for the production of collagen for a healthy and radiant skin.

*They are good for the management of diabetes due to the magnesium in them

*They are rich in calcium and zinc which are important minerals for strong and healthy bones.

*This fruit is also good for eyesight due to the vitamin A in them,quick healing of wounds and improving cognitive ability.

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