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Skin Care

Benefits of banana leaf

The abundant sap of banana leaves can be applied to skin wounds, infected burns, skin infections, mouth sores and gum sores (tooth extraction). It is a fairly strong antiseptic, although inconvenient to use. Banana sap accelerates tissue healing and is anti-hemorrhagic.

If necessary we can use the banana leaf passed to the flame, more press these leaves to have a good quantity of sap and use as a temporary dressing.

 In Martinique, the dry leaves of the flea banana tree are used as a decoction against liver attacks.

 In Haiti, the banana leaf is used to fight colds, flu or coughs, infused with sugar. In case of diarrhea, the sap or pulp of the fruit is used with salt. To heal a sore or wound, the fruit's mesoderm or the sap from the husk of the fruit is used as an application. As for the heated sheet, it can be beneficial, in application, to alleviate rheumatism.

 In the Dominican Republic, edema or inflammation is treated by taking a bath infused with banana leaf. This can be useful in case of hypertension.

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