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Important facts about body weight loss and gaining.

Many people are struggling with their weight for many reasons. Some of these reasons are medical or simply cosmetic.

10 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don't Help Anymore / Bright Side

Diabetic and hypertensive patients are the ones that are more often advised to monitor their weight. That however does not exclude the impotence of losing some pounds for better health to other non diabetic and hypertensive patients. Patients with heart related conditions are seriously advised to reduced weight which comes with dangerous levels of cholesterol. High density cholesterol and low density cholesterol are all found in our bodies. The most dangerous One being low density cholesterol.

How Do We Gain Weight? An Inadvertent Defense of the Thermodynamic Model of  Body Weight Regulation | Georgetown Food Studies

Our bodies need calories to function. For example, many factors considered among them age, metabolism and level of physical activity, women need and intake of about 2000 calories a day and men 2500 calories. 1kg is equivalent to 7700 calories. So if i wanted to lose say 1kg in a week I will need to lose 1100 calories in one day. Losing 1100 calories in a day will need one to combine exercise and diet. Reducing the size of food taken in a day can significantly make the first step. Adding a daily aerobic exercise will only spice that up. Gaining weight will be the reverse. We all have reasons for what we do or want.

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