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Why It's Dangerous to Drink Alcohol Before Bedtime

It is no doubt that a very big percentage of Kenyans are alcohol lovers be it members of the brown bottle federation, wine lovers, 'guzzlers' of whiskey, vodka, gin or any other type of liquor.

For those who imbibe, it is common that we mostly do it towards the evening after we are done with the day's work, most times extending into the night.

We might take it as normal and the right thing to do because no one wants to be seen staggering across the road in broad daylight but that might not be the best practice.

Medical experts do not entirely advocate for drinking when it's too close to bedtime and today, I will give you a few reasons why this is so.

According to one Nigerian pharmacist by the name @Tobenna on Twitter, taking alcohol when it is too close to bedtime isn't right because this affects your sleep in the following way;

"Alcohol inhibits the production of a hormone known as vasopressin which plays an important role in the regulation of water excretion. When alcohol inhibits vasopressin it results in an increased water loss via urination, with this, alcohol is considered a diuretic.

When it is bedtime, you don’t need anything that will result in you going out to urinate multiple times, this disrupts your quality sleep and can affect your health.

Some people can be very stubborn and refuse to leave their bed to do the needful, this now results in an overloaded bladder especially for those whose bladder can’t hold much urine."

It is therefore recommended that alcohol isn't taken in the last few hours before going to bed because even if some people feel more sleepy when drunk, it interferes with the quality of sleep.

An article by on the impact of alcohol on sleeping patterns notes that some people also experience "frequent awakenings, night sweats, nightmares, and headaches".

It takes around one hour for alcohol to be metabolised so it's advisable to have your last drink a few hours before going to bed to avoid having effects on your sleeping patterns.

Content created and supplied by: MeghanNimmoh (via Opera News )

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