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"HELL ON EARTH" 32-Year old Resurrects in Morgue From Painfull Incision on Right Leg

On Tuesday the 14th,aam in Kericho County a man by the name Peter Kiplangat Kigen was taken to Kapkatet Hospital after he fainted at home.The guardian to Kigen,his Uncle Denis Langat reported that his nephew was suffering from stomach ailment which made him loose consciousness and was rushed to the nearby hospital.On arrival the hospital medics on duty examined Kigen and later pronounced him dead.The facility later transferred Kigen to the mortuary where he was received by an attendant.The family reported that when the attendant made an incision on the right leg of Kigen,the patient regained consciousness and wailed in pain which forced the attendants and others to scamper for safety.The family is currently demanding for Justice since they perceive such an occurrence as negligence.Their have been reports since time in memorial of how patients presumed dead ressurect in Morgue.An outcry from the public demands that the medical fraternity to perform a complete and thorough examination before pronouncing a patient dead.

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